Acalolepta (Acalolepta) seunghwani Danilevsky, 2013

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: MONOCHAMINI
Acalolepta seunghwani
[Photo © Sergei N. Ivanov]

Acalolepta seunghwani, a North-East Asian species occuring in Russian Far East, Korean peninsula and North China, has been described from Mt. Myeongseong-san (Sudogwon region of South Korea) by Mikhail L. Danilevsky in 2013 [▽]. A. seunghwani replaces in Korea and continental Russia its sister taxon Acalolepta luxuriosa (Bates, 1873), distributed in Japan, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. The species has probably similar biology to A. luxuriosa, in Korea was observed on Aralia elata [▽]. Only currently known Russian locality is Mount Litovka and its environs in Primorsky krai.

Body length:17 - 36 mm
Life cycle:2 years
Adults in:June - September
Host plant:Aralia elata
Distribution:Korean peninsula, North China, Russian Far East (Primorsky krai)

The depicted male beetle (paratype) was collected in environs of ski base under summit of Mount Litovka/Falaza (Литовка/Фалаза) (N43°07′30″ E132°47′44″); 480 m a.s.l., 5 km S Anisimovka, Shkotovsky district, Primorsky krai, Far Eastern federal district, Russia) on August 15, 2013.

Collected by K.M. Prokopenko

Danilevsky M.L.:
Six new Longicorn (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) taxa from Russia and adjacent countries.
Humanity space - International almanac 2 (Supplement 2): 28-41, 2013. [download pdf icon]

SubfamiliaLamiinae Latreille, 1825
TribusMonochamini Gistel, 1848
GenusAcalolepta Pascoe, 1858
SubgenusAcalolepta Pascoe, 1858
SpeciesAcalolepta (Acalolepta) seunghwani Danilevsky, 2013