Arhopalus ferus (Mulsant, 1839)
[= Criocephalus tristis (Fabricius, 1787)]
[= Criocephalus polonicus Motschulsky, 1845]

Subfamilia: SPONDYLIDINAE  /  Tribus: ASEMINI
Arhopalus ferus

[Photo © David Navrátil & 8K postprocessing M.Hoskovec]

Arhopalus ferus, a widespread (Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, Near East, China) but relatively rare species, has been described from Bordeaux environs as Criocephalus Rusticus var. Ferus by Étienne Mulsant in 1839 [▽]. The biology of the species is practically identical to the sister but much more abundant taxon A. rusticus (Linnaeus, 1758), it is often possible to find larvae of both species in one pine trunk [❖][✶].

A. ferus is often misdetermined as A. rusticus (Linnaeus, 1758), which principally differs from this taxon in the more reddish and parallel-sided body, a furrow at each side of the pronotal disc and the deeply bilobed metatarsomere III [✧][*].

Body length:♂♂ 9 - 25 mm / ♀♀ 14 - 27 mm
Life cycle:3 - 4 years
Adults in:June - September
Host plant:pines (Pinus spp.)
Distribution:Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Austria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, China, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Turkey

The depicted mounted beetles were collected in Primošten environs (Šibenik-Knin county, Dalmatia, Croatia) on July 18-21, 2011. The living specimen (taken in detail) has been reared from larva found in Pinus in Lebanon in spring 2016.

Collected by David Navrátil and Tamás Németh

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Arhopalus rusticus-ferus III tarsomeres

A comparison of male hind tarsi of Arhopalus rusticus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Arhopalus ferus (Mulsant, 1839)

  • A. rusticus: Third segment of tarsus (metatarsomere III) incised almost to base
  • A. ferus: Third segment of tarsus (metatarsomere III) incised apically to about 1/3-1/2 its total length

[Photo © David Navrátil]

Arhopalus ferus

[Photo © Tamás Németh]

SubfamiliaSpondylidinae Audinet-Serville, 1832
TribusAsemini Thomson, 1860
GenusArhopalus Audinet-Serville, 1834
SpeciesArhopalus ferus (Mulsant, 1839)