Dolocerus holtzi (Pic, 1905)
[= Brachypteroma holtzi Pic, 1905]

Dolocerus holtzi
[Photo © David Navrátil & 8K postprocessing M.Hoskovec]

Dolocerus holtzi, one of three known Palaearctic species of the Dolocerus genus, has been described from Efrenk river environs (Cilicia, Turkey) as Brachypteroma holtzi by Maurice Pic from in 1905 [☆].

Body length:5 - 7 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years
Adults in:April - June
Host plant:probably polyphagous in decidous trees [?]
Distribution:Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

The depicted beetles were collected in Ṣlenfah (صلنفة) environs (An-Nusayriyah Mts., Al-Haffah district, Latakia governorate, Syria) on May 25, 2002.

Collected by V. Skoupý

Pic M.:
Descriptions abrégées et notes diverses (2e article).
L'Échange, Revue Linnéenne 21 (243): 113-115, 1905. [download pdf icon]

SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusMolorchini Mulsant, 1863
GenusDolocerus Mulsant, 1862
SpeciesDolocerus holtzi (Pic, 1905)