Herophila veluchiana (Breuning, 1943)

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: LAMIINI
Herophila veluchiana

[Photo © David Navrátil & 8K postprocessing M.Hoskovec, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Herophila veluchiana, a endemic montane species occuring in Greece, has been described from Greece as Dorcadion veluchianum by Stephan Breuning in 1943 [▽]. Taxon was synonymized with Herophila tristis tristis (Linnaeus, 1767) by Gianfranco Sama in 2010 (in Löbl & Smetana, Catalogue of Paleartic Coleoptera) and subsequently, after check several specimens from the type area (Pindos mountains, Greece), ressurected as a valid species in 2018 (Rapuzzi P. and Sama G. ❖).

According to the unpublished opinion of Mikhail Danilevsky (and also our opinion), the status of the species and sister taxon Herophila moreana Rapuzzi et Sama, 2018 is debatable and requires a thorough analysis using all available modern taxonomic methods.

Body length:14 - 17 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years [?]
Adults in:May - June
Host plant:Astragalus spp.
Distribution:an endemic species to Greece

The depicted mounted beetles (brown male) was collected on the host plant (Astragalus sp.) in Neraida (Νεράιδα) village environs (1500-1600 m a.s.l., Pindus Mts., Trikala, Thessaly, Greece) on May 26, 2018. The black male and female were reared from larvae found in Astragalus roots in the same locality. The living beetle was photographed on the touristic path connecting Voutsikaki Agrafon (Βουτσικάκι Αγράφων) and Angonas (Ανγκώνας) peaks (Pindus Mts., Morfovouni - Lake Plastiras municipality, Karditsa regional unit, Thessaly, Greece) on May 25, 2022.

Collected by David Navrátil and Daniel Rydzi

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Herophila veluchiana
Herophila veluchiana
[Photo © Daniel Rydzi]

SubfamiliaLamiinae Latreille, 1825
TribusLamiini Latreille, 1825
GenusHerophila Mulsant, 1863
SpeciesHerophila veluchiana (Breuning, 1943)