Iberodorcadion (Hispanodorcadion) bolivari (Lauffer, 1898)
ssp. bolivari (Lauffer, 1898)

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: DORCADIONINI
Iberodorcadion bolivari bolivari

[Photo © David Navrátil & click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Iberodorcadion bolivari, an endemic species to Central Spain, has been described from Quero environs (Toledo province) as Dorcadion Bolivari by Jortge Lauffer in 1898 [❖]. Area of ​​distribution of this rare beetle is linked exclusively to the halophilic habitats close to the brackish lagoons of La Mancha in Toledo (Lagunas de Taray, Grande de Quero, Peña Huesca, Tirez and Chica de Villafranca de los Caballeros) and Ciudad Real (Laguna de los Pájaros and Laguna of the Villafranca Road). I. bolivari is species highly adapted to the halophilic environment where it lives both in feeding and mimicry, its larvae develop on roots of Elymus curvifolius. Adults, active from March to May, are diurnal and can be observed running among tufts of the grasses in the early hours of the morning and late in the afternoon. During the warm rest of the day they remain hidden among the vegetation [✧][▿]. Some interesting data about developmental stages of the I. bolivari can be found in paper by Alberto del Saz Fucho from 2013 [▿].

Body length:12 - 19 mm
Life cycle:1 - 2 years
Adults in:March - May
Host plant:monophagous on roots of Elymus curvifolius (Poaceae)
Distribution:an endemic species to Central Spain (Castilla – La Mancha: Toledo)

Depicted mounted beetles were collected in: ♂ - Reserva Natural Laguna de Tirez (Villacañas environs, Toledo province, Castile-La Mancha, Spain) on May 35, 2011; ♀ - Quero environs (Toledo province, Castile-La Mancha, Spain) on April 4, 2000.

Collected by J. Plaza

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SubfamiliaLamiinae Latreille, 1825
TribusDorcadionini Swainson, 1840
GenusIberodorcadion Breuning, 1943
SubgenusHispanodorcadion Vives, 1976
SpeciesIberodorcadion (Hispanodorcadion) bolivari (Lauffer, 1898)
SpeciesIberodorcadion (Hispanodorcadion) bolivari bolivari (Lauffer, 1898)