Rhabdoclytus acutivittis (Kraatz, 1879)
ssp. acutivittis (Kraatz, 1879)
[= Rhaphuma acutivittis (Kraatz, 1879)]

Subfamilia: CERAMBYCINAE  /  Tribus: CLYTINI
Rhabdoclytus acutivittis acutivittis
[Photo © Kirill V. Makarov]

Rhabdoclytus acutivittis, a species occuring in North-East Asia (Russian Far East, Japan, Korea, China), has been described as Clytus (Xylotrechus?) acutivittis from East Siberia by Gustav Kraatz in 1879 [❖]. R. acutivittis is a relatively common species of the Russian Far East (Primorsky krai) deciduous forests. It develops in the dead trunks and thick branches of standing deciduous trees. Larvae mostly feed only in the sapwood surface layer (not subcortically) to a depth of 10 mm, make longitudinal galleries, and fill them with fine frass. Sometimes galleries (usually under the sapwood) are so numerous that forms a continuous ring in a cross section of the trunk. Larvae overwinters three times and pupate in the following spring. The pupation takes place in the pupal cell (with pre-created exit corridor) at the depth 8-15 mm. Adults emerge from early June and are active to August, in warm windless sunny days they are abundant on flowers [✧].

Body length:11 - 19 mm
Life cycle:at least 3 years
Adults in:June - August
Host plant:polyphagous in many deciduous trees (e.g. Carpinus, Quercus, Pyrus, Vitis, Fraxinus, Ulmus, Salix, Rosa), but strongly prefers maple (Acer)
Distribution:Russian Far East, Japan, Korea, NE China

The depicted female beetle was collected at Listvennichnaya (Лиственничная) river under mouth of Kamenystyi (Каменистый) creek (N43°35′47″ E131°21′53″; 400 m a.s.l, Borisovskoye Plateau, South of Primorsky krai, Far Eastern Federal District, Russia) on May 30, 2019.

Collected by A.Matalin

Kraatz G.:
Ueber die Bockkäfer Ost-Sibiriens, namentlich die von Christoph am Amur gesammelten.
Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift, Berlin 23 (1): 77-117, 1879. [download pdf icon]

Cherepanov A.I.:
Cerambycidae of Northern Asia, Volume 2 - Cerambycinae Part II.
Amerind Publishing, New Delhi: 354pp [pages 264-270], 1988. [download pdf icon]

SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusClytini Mulsant, 1839
GenusRhabdoclytus Ganglbauer, 1889
SpeciesRhabdoclytus acutivittis (Kraatz, 1879)
SubspeciesRhabdoclytus acutivittis acutivittis (Kraatz, 1879)