Turcmenigena warentzowi Melgunov, 1894

Turcmenigena warentzowi
[Photo © David Navrátil, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Turcmenigena warentzowi, an interesting example of the Turano-Dzungarian entomofauna, is typical longhorn beetle of clay and sandy habitats of the region with black saxaul (Haloxylon ammodendron) growths [❖]. The species is not rare, but thanks to nocturnal life and region of the occurence it's not so common in European Cerambycidae collections. The larva develops in the trunks of saxaul and adult beetles feed on its shoots.

Body length:13 - 25 mm
Life cycle:2-3 years [?]
Adults in:July - August
Host plant:saxaul (Haloxylon sp.)
Distribution:Iran, Kazakhstan

The mounted specimens were collected in Bakanas (Бақанас) village environs (Balkhash district, Almaty region, Kazakhstan) in August 1996 (♂) / on July 26, 1953 (♀).- The depicted living male beetle was reared from a larva found in dead Haloxylon in Tau-Kum desert, Kazakhstan.

Collected by Viktor Sinyaev, V. Ja. Parfentjev and our friend Karel Hodek

Wildlife of Kazakhstan ond Adjacent Areas
Materials of the International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Institute of Zoology of the Republic of Kazakhstan (22-23 November 2012).
Meldebekov A.M., Baizhanov M.KH., Kovshar A.F, Kazenas V.L, Slivinskii G.G., Krupa E.G., Bajdavletov R.Zh. (Eds.), Almaty 2012, ISBN 978-601-80265-2-2 [download pdf icon]

Turcmenigena warentzowi

Turcmenigena warentzowi
Turcmenigena warentzowi
Turcmenigena warentzowi
[Photo © Karel Hodek]

SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusHesperophanini Mulsant, 1839
GenusTurcmenigena Melgunov, 1894
SpeciesTurcmenigena warentzowi Melgunov, 1894