Anoplistes halodendri (Pallas, 1776)
ssp. minutus Hammarström, 1892
[= Asias halodendri minutus Hammarström, 1892][❖]
[= Anoplistes kozlovi (Semenov et Znoiko, 1934)]

Anoplistes halodendri minutus

[Photo © David Navrátil & 8K postprocessing M.Hoskovec]

Anoplistes halodendri minutus, a taxon occuring in China, Mongolia and Siberia, has been described from Mongolia as Anoplistes minutus by Finnish scientist Rudolf Edvard Hammarström in 1892 [▽]. The host plant and bionomy of this interesting longhorn beetle in Mongolian desert is well reported in work of Lech Karpiński et al. in 2018 [✧]. Anoplistes halodendri minutus is also the first documented case of sympatrically occurring ecotypes in Polyphaga and the second case of ecotypes in the family Cerambycidae. In the brilliant case study of Anoplistes halodendri and Anoplistes kozlovi (Lech Karpiński et .al, 2021) [★] authors thanks to precise analysis of the ecological data, DNA analyses, as well as a detailed morphological examination (study on the male genitalia including the endophallic structures), supported the hypothesis that these two entities, which were considered separate species, represent only ecologically adapted forms that are associated with rocky hills and sandy/gravelly plains, respectively. So, authors restored a synonym Anoplistes halodendri minutus Hammarström, 1892 = Asias kozlovi Semenov and Znojko, 1934, syn. res. Anoplistes halodendri minutus in arid zone of Mongolia occurs in two ecotypes: the "black" rock ecotype (RE) living in rocky ground habitats, and "red" sand ecotype (SE, = Anoplistes kozlovi) living in habitats with sandy/gravelly ground.

Body length:7.6 - 12 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years [?]
Adults in:June - August
Host plant:Caragana spp. (Fabaceae)
Distribution:Mongolia, Siberia, North China

The depicted female beetles were collected: (RE) 50km SW Uliastai/Улиастай (Zavkhan province, West Mongolia) on July 16, 2005; (SE) 25 km NW of Sainshand (Сайншанд) (Dornogovi province, South-East Mongolia) on August 1, 2019,

Collected by A.Mikyška nd Lech Kruszelnicki

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SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusTrachyderini Dupont, 1836
GenusAnoplistes Audinet-Serville, 1833
SpeciesAnoplistes halodendri (Pallas, 1776)
SubspeciesAnoplistes halodendri minutus Hammarström, 1892