Anoplistes jomudorum (Plavilstshikov, 1940)
[= Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974]

Anoplistes jomudorum
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]

Carolus Holzschuh described a new Asias [❖] species under name Asias chodjaii [✧] according to 14 specimens reared from larvae collected in Golestan Forest (Iran) in 1974. According to Michail Danilevsky Asias chodjaii Holzschuh, 1974, is synonymum novum to Asias jomudorum Plavilstshikov, 1940, based on the study of type material of A. chodjaii, original descriptions of both, and specimens from Iran and Turkmenia. Unfortunatelly, the holotype of A. jomudorum is not traceable in Plavilstshikov’s collection (Moscow).

The name of the host plant of this intersting and rare species was not given in the Holzschuh's description, but was published later by Rejzek et al. [✱]. The host plant was determined as Ephedra cf. intermedia Schrenk et C. A. Mey (Ephedraceae). The depicted beetles were collected in the Holzschuh's locality together with larvae and the host plant.

Body length:11 - 14 mm
Life cycle:2 years [?]
Adults in:June
Host plant:Ephedra cf. intermedia
Distribution:Iran, Turkmenia

The depicted beetles were collected in Golestan forest 45 km NE Minudast (prov. Khorasan, NE Iran).

Collected by M.Rejzek

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Anoplistes jomudorum
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]
Anoplistes jomudorum
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]

Subfamilia: Cerambycinae Latreille, 1802
Tribus: Trachyderini Dupont, 1836
Genus: Anoplistes Audinet-Serville, 1833
Species: Anoplistes jomudorum (Plavilstshikov, 1940)