Calchaenesthes sexmaculata (Reiche, 1861)
[= Calchaenesthes sexmaculatus (Reiche) Rungs, 1952 (misspelling)]

Calchaenesthes sexmaculata
[Photo © Petr Jelínek]

Calchaenesthes sexmaculata, a rare West-Mediterranean species occuring in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Southern Spain, has been described from Kabylia (Algeria) as Anoplistes oblongo-maculatum var. Sexmaculatum by Louis Jérôme Reiche in 1861 [❖]. Larvae of C. sexmaculata develop in living or weakened oak (Quercus spp., especially in Quercus canariensis) twigs, life cycle is 2 or 3 years. Adults, active in May and June, are diurnal and can be found on the host trees and occasionally on flowers.

Body length:9 - 13 mm
Life cycle:2 - 3 years
Adults in:May - June
Host plant:oaks (e.g. Mirbeck's oak - Quercus canariensis, Quercus suber, Quercus faginea)
Distribution:Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain [✧]

The depicted beetles were collected sitting on leaves of the host tree (Quercus canariensis) in Moyen Atlas (Morocco) in May 2022.

Collected by Petr Jelínek

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Calchaenesthes sexmaculata
Calchaenesthes sexmaculata
Calchaenesthes sexmaculata
[Photo © Petr Jelínek]

SubfamiliaCerambycinae Latreille, 1802
TribusTrachyderini Dupont, 1836
GenusCalchaenesthes Kraatz, 1863
SpeciesCalchaenesthes sexmaculata (Reiche, 1861)