Cantharocnemis (Paracantharocnemis) strandi Plavilstshikov, 1933

Cantharocnemis strandi
[Photo © David Navrátil & 8K postprocessing M.Hoskovec, click on the picture for 4K resolution]

Cantharocnemis (Paracantharocnemis) strandi, a rare species known from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, has been described from Sanaa environs (Yemen) by Nikolai N. Plavilstshikov in 1933 [▽]. Larvae of this little known prionin feed on roots of various trees and shrubs. The adults are nocturnal and appear in July. The validity of Paracantharocnemis Plavilstshikov, 1933 subgenus was confirmed by Alain Drumont in 2004 [✧].

Body length:25 - 37 mm
Life cycle:unknown
Adults in:June-October
Host plant:probably polyphagous on broadleaved trees and shrubs, primary host is probably Acacia
Distribution:Yemen, Saudi Arabia

The mounted specimens were collected in Wādī Ḍahr (N15°26′ E44°08′; 2199 m a.s.l., Ṣanʿāʾ plain, Yemen) on October 5, 2005.

The living beetles in these pictures were reared from a larva collected in dead stump of medlar (Mespilus germanica). The adult hatched from this stump and left the larval substrate by digging a subterranean gallery.

Collected by Petr Kabátek and Martin Rejzek

Plavilstshikov N.N.:
Description d'une nouvelle espèce du genre Cantharocnemis Serv. de l'Yémen (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae).
Folia Zoologica et Hydrobiologica, Riga 5 (1): 113-118, 1933.

Drumont A.:
Compléments à l'étude du genre Cantharocnemis (1ère note) : revalidation du sous-genre Paracantharocnemis Plavilstshikov, 1933 et premières captures de C. (C.) spondyloides Serville, 1832 en Afrique du Sud et au Sultanat d' Oman (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae).
Entomologia Africana 9 (2): 29-37, 2004. [download pdf icon]

Cantharocnemis strandi - male
Cantharocnemis strandi[Photo © Martin Rejzek]
Cantharocnemis strandi - female
Cantharocnemis strandi[Photo © Martin Rejzek]

SubfamiliaPrioninae Latreille, 1802
TribusCantharocnemini Thomson, 1861
GenusCantharocnemis Audinet-Serville, 1832
SubgenusParacantharocnemis Plavilstshikov, 1933
SpeciesCantharocnemis (Paracantharocnemis) strandi Plavilstshikov, 1933