Deroplia troberti (Mulsant, 1843)
ssp. troberti (Mulsant, 1843)

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: DESMIPHORINI
Deroplia troberti troberti
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]
Body length:6 - 13 mm
Life cycle:1 - 2 years
Adults in:September - May (the maximal activity in January - February)
Host plant:polyphagous in deciduous trees (Quercus, Nerium oleander - preferred host, Pistacia, Laurus etc.)
Distribution:West Mediterranean region

The depicted beetles were reared from thin terminal twigs of Nerium oleander collected in Sardinia (Italy) and Morocco (Asni env.).

Collected by Martin Rejzek and Petr Jelínek

Sama G.:
Révision du genre Deroplia Dejean, 1835.
Biocosme Mésogéen 110 13 (2): 23-64, 1996. [download pdf icon]

Deroplia troberti troberti
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]
Deroplia troberti troberti
Deroplia troberti troberti
[Photo © P.Jelínek]

Subfamilia: Lamiinae Latreille, 1825
Tribus: Desmiphorini Thomson, 1860
Genus: Deroplia Dejean, 1835
Species: Deroplia troberti (Mulsant, 1843)
Species: Deroplia troberti troberti (Mulsant, 1843)