Hesperoferus roridus (Brullé, 1838)
[= Trichoferus roridus (Brullé, 1838)]
[= Hesperophanes roridus Brullé, 1838]

Hesperoferus roridus
[Photo © Jean-Claude Ringenbach]
Body length:15 - 28 mm
Life cycle:2 and more years
Adults in:July - September
Host plant:larvae in stems and roots of Adenocarpus viscosus and foliosus, Spartocytisus nubigenus, Lotus campylocladus
Distribution:a species endemic to Canary Islands - Tenerife

The depicted beetles were reared from dead branches of Adenocarpus foliosus. They were collected in Chio (North Tenerife, Canary Islands).

Collected by our friend Jean-Claude Ringenbach

Hesperoferus roridus
Hesperoferus roridus
[Photo © Jean-Claude Ringenbach]

Subfamilia: Cerambycinae Latreille, 1802
Tribus: Hesperophanini Mulsant, 1839
Genus: Hesperoferus Demelt, 1971
Species: Hesperoferus roridus (Brullé, 1838)