Mesoprionus besikanus (Fairmaire, 1855)

Subfamilia: PRIONINAE  /  Tribus: PRIONINI

Mesoprionus besikanus - female
Mesoprionus besikanus ♀ [Photo © Adam Woźniak]

Mesoprionus besikanus
Mesoprionus besikanus ♂ [Photo © Adam Woźniak]

A nocturnal southern species with a stealthy lifestyle, sometimes attracted to the light. Ecologically related to dead, decayed wood, development takes place below the soil surface.

Body length:25 – 50 mm
Life cycle:several years
Adults in:June - August
Host plant:polyphagous, larvae in rotten trunks and roots, mainly deciduous trees
Distribution:Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus

The depicted beetles were collected on eastern slopes of Ossa Mt. (Thessaly, Greece) in June-July 2015-2019.

Collected by Adam Woźniak

Mesoprionus besikanus - male
Mesoprionus besikanus ♂ [Photo © Adam Woźniak]

Subfamilia: Prioninae Latreille, 1802
Tribus: Prionini Latreille, 1802
Genus: Mesoprionus Jakovlev, 1887
Species: Mesoprionus besikanus (Fairmaire, 1855)