Paradeucalion maderense Krátký et Aguiar, 2019

Subfamilia: LAMIINAE  /  Tribus: PARMENINI
Paradeucalion maderense
[Photo © Pavel Krásenský]

Paradeucalion maderense, recently described by Jiří Krátký and António Aguiar [❖], is one of two species of genus Paradeucalion Breuning, 1950. Paradeucalion is one of three Parmenini tribe genera endemic to the Macaronesian region (Paradeucalion, Deucalion and Lepromoris). The first species of genus Paradeucalion, was found by entomologist Thomas Vernon Wollaston in 1849 at the top of Deserta Grande, the larger of the Desertas Islands and originally named Deucalion desertarum (Wollaston 1854) [✧]. Unexpectedly, 167 years later a new species of the genus Paradeucalion was found by Czech and Portugese entomologists, this time on Madeira proper; an island that had been frequently visited by entomologists and subject to their close attention. Currently the species is only known from one location in the northwest of Madeira Island (Ribeira da Janela environs). All specimens of this interesting beetle were found during wintertime in degraded Laurus-forest in wet northwest of the island. The identity of the host plant is not known with any certainty [❖].

Body length:9.1-11.5 mm
Life cycle:unknown
Adults in:October-February
Host plant:unknown
Distribution:species endemic to Madeira Island (Portugal)

The depicted beetle (paratype) was found 1 km S of Ribeira da Janela (530 m; NW Madeira Island, Portugal) on November 16, 2016.

Collected by our friend Pavel Krásenský

Krátký J. and Aguiar A.:
A new Lamiine longhorn-beetle from Madeira and the key to the Macaronesian Parmenini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).
Bocagiana (Museu de História Natural do Funchal) 246: 1-9, 2019. [download pdf icon]

Wollaston T.V.:
Insecta Maderensia; being an account of the Insects of the Islands of the Madeiran group.
London, van Voorst, 634pp [pages 430-435 and Table IX], 1854. [download pdf icon]

Subfamilia: Lamiinae Latreille, 1825
Tribus: Parmenini Mulsant, 1839
Genus: Paradeucalion Breuning, 1950
Species: Paradeucalion maderense Krátký et Aguiar, 2019