Prinobius myardi Mulsant, 1842
ssp. slamorum Danilevsky, 2012
[= Macrotoma scutellaris (Germar, 1817)]
[= Prinobius myardi scutellaris (Germar, 1817)]

Subfamilia: PRIONINAE  /  Tribus: MACROTOMINI

Prinobius myardi slamorum
[Photo © Lech Kruszelnicki]

Prinobius myardi slamorum is an common East-Mediterranean taxon distributed from Balcan peninsula to Iran. The name for this subspecies has been proposed by Mikchail Danilevsky in 2012 [❖]. This polyphagous beetle develops in broad spectrum of deciduos trees (Quercus, Fraxinus, Acer, Pyrus, Morus, Alnus, Populus, Salix, Platanus, Pistacia, Olea etc.). Larvae prefer dead trunks or branches of a larger diameter. Life cycle 3 and more years. Adults, active from June to September, are crepuscular/nocturnal and can be attracted by light [✧].

The unclear taxonomic situation within the taxon P. myardi is still debatable and confirmation of the existence/validity of the 5 known subspecies [✧] probably needs further research.

Body length:♂♂ 28 - 47 mm / ♀♀ 35 - 50 mm
Life cycle:several years
Adults in:June - September
Host plant:polyphagous in deciduous trees
Distribution:Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Creta, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Montenegro, Iran

The depicted mounted beetles ware collected in Kokkino Nero (Mount Ossa environs, Thessaly, Greece) July 6-16, 2012. The living beetles were reared from larvae found in Malia (North Crete, Greece) and Eastern slopes of Ossa Mt. (Thessaly, Greece), respectively.

Collected by Lech Kruszelnicki, Adam Woźniak and M.Rejzek

Danilevsky M.L.:
Additions and corrections to the new Catalogue of Palaearctic Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) edited by I. Löbl and A. Smetana, 2010. Part. V.
Humanity space - International Almanac 75: 1 (3): 695-741, 2012. [download pdf icon]

Danilevsky M.L.:
Longicorn beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycoidea) of Russia and adjacent countries. Part 1.
Higher School Consulting, Moscow, 550pp [pages 31-33], 2014. [download pdf icon]

Prinobius myardi slamorum
Prinobius myardi slamorum
[Photo © Adam Woźniak]

Prinobius myardi slamorum
Prinobius myardi slamorum
Prinobius myardi slamorum
[Photo © M.Hoskovec]

SubfamiliaPrioninae Latreille, 1802
TribusMacrotomini J. Thomson, 1861
GenusPrinobius Mulsant, 1842
SpeciesPrinobius myardi Mulsant, 1842
SubspeciesPrinobius myardi slamorum Danilevsky, 2012