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Taxa added

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Anaglyptus zappii, Iberodorcadion segovianum dejeanii, Iberodorcadion perezi perezi, Dokhtouroffia nebulosa, Iberodorcadion abulense granulipenne, Iberodorcadion abulense abulense, Iberodorcadion mucidum rondense, Iberodorcadion bolivari bolivari, Iberodorcadion chiqui, Iberodorcadion uhagonii uhagonii, Iberodorcadion almarzense var. villosladense, Iberodorcadion becerrae, Iberodorcadion ferdinandi, Dorcadion ribbei ribbei, Dorcadion discodivisum, Dorcadion darjae, Dorcadion eurygyne eurygyne, Dorcadion lativittis, Exocentrus pseudopunctipennis, Dorcadion sulcipenne goktshanum, Dorcadion glaucum murzinianum, Plagionotus pulcher, Oxylia argentata languida, Coptops aedificator, Clytus schneideri schneideri, Stictoleptura otini, Stictoleptura cardinalis, Vesperus conicicollis hispalensis, Dorcadion gebleri gebleri, Vesperus saquranus, Vesperus lucasi, Vesperus gomezi, Dorcadion unidiscale, Dorcadion gebleri takyr, Dorcadion gebleri lukhtanovi, Dorcadion politum politum, Dorcadion czegodaevi, Dorcadion beckeri beckeri, Pseudocalamobius tsushimae, Strangalia takeuchii, Leptura latipennis, Batocera rufomaculata, Phymatodes pusillus inopinatus, Acalolepta seunghwani, Acalolepta luxuriosa luxuriosa, Paracorymbia benjamini benjamini, Dorcadion pantherinum pantherinum, Dorcadion ribbei bobrovi, Paracorymbia simplonica, Cerambyx welensii welensii, Stenopterus rufus transcaspicus, Dorcadion regulare sapkaianum, Anastrangalia dubia moreana, Titoceres jaspideus, Dorcadion lineatocolle, Aegosoma sinicum sinicum, Aegosoma ivanovi, Xylotrechus polyzonus, Arhopaloscelis nipponensis, Exocentrus guttulatus ussuricus,...

Bionomy, developmental stages and habitat remarks added

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